Super-Small Spaces and Minimalist Decor – Ideas For Closet Organizers

Minimalist Home Decor

With many of today’s homes being 500 square feet or less, closet organizers have to be nothing short of pure genius to make the space work and work well. Custom closets are not just for storage in small homes. If you are wondering how to get more space in your bedroom or living room, or if you just need space, then here are some design ideas for space challenged rooms.

Bedroom Custom Closets

Beds can quickly eat up more than half of the available space in a bedroom. When you consider how much time is spent in them, it is a shameful waste of space. A fold down model, commonly referred to as a Murphy bed, is one available option for a custom closet. Some have false door fronts, but for added storage, others have shallow drawers with a bracket and locking system.

Yet another great idea is to incorporate a roll-up bed into the bottom of a storage unit. This looks like a regular drawer when everything is closed up, but unrolls into a full bed when you pull it out. You can also incorporate pull out nightstands on either side. Instead of bedside lamps that are simply not an option with either option, have under-cabinet lighting installed.

Closet Organizers For Living Rooms

Living rooms clutter up quickly because of the many activities that go on in them throughout the day. Design custom closets to hold the electronics you like to use and the items that seem to collect in the room. Built in file cabinets are ideal for magazines, bills, and paper items you keep in the room. If you like to read, add a bookshelf with shelves at different heights to save space. Media compartments are perfect for movie lovers.

Once you know what you want to keep inside the storage system, it is time for the aesthetic details. Doors are a must to hide the clutter and keep the dust out. Decorative crown moldings, accents, and columns can turn a plain cabinet into a beautiful focal point. If you have heating systems, fireplaces, or other immovable items, include them in your design rather than going without the organization. You might find that fireplaces and heat systems are more effective after the installation of the organizational unit with the right deflectors.

Home Offices

The beauty of having a home office is that you don’t need a designated room with the right style of closet organizers. The key here is compact and easy-to-store in your custom closets. Keyboard drawers, CPU slidable cubbies, printer drawers, lateral file cabinets, and a small side slide out surface for your mouse if you need to. The work surface can slide out, flip down, or even fold out to give you the space needed to be productive. When folded up, it can cover additional shelving or even be mounted to the bottom of a Murphy bed.

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